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Four companions, Ferdinand (Winky Wiryawan), Gita (Melanie Ariyanto), Crap (Rony Dozer), Sani (Harry Panca), always curious looking demon. Various places visited was found she was looking for. Until they got the news in an area called Angkerbatu. This is where their perceived experiences. Sani while secretly trying to play jelangkung, a game that supposedly can bring spirits. A film with the power of photography, editing, and sound to establish an atmosphere of horror.

Producer: Jose Purnomo
Director: Rizal Mantovani, Jose Purnomo
Writer(s): Alim Sudio
Cast: Harry Panca, Rony Dozer, Melanie Ariyanto, Winky Wiryawan

Release Date: December 19, 2001
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: PT Enam Sisi Karya, Avant Garde, PT Rexinema Multimedia Pratama
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: 100 minutes

Created with digital video. First aired in the cinemas in digital video format. Because success in the playback (over a month), the video format kemudiah transferred into celluloid, to be played in many theaters at once. Including blockbusters. From October 2001 until January 2002, watched by 748,003 people in Greater Jakarta.


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