Death Row Girls

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Death Row Girls

Inmate 1316 is sent to the Island, Japan’s toughest prison for the most notorious female prisoners, and realizes the place is even worse than its reputation — nobody except the guards ever leaves alive. As she uncovers one terrible secret after another, including graveyards and unauthorized executions, she decides to fight back with every weapon she can find in this Japanese action thriller by Sadaaki Haginiwa.

Director: Sadaaki Haginiwa
Wr ...


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Two sisters, one of whom is a geisha and the other is her assistant,

are invited to dinner by the president of Kageno Iron Corporation. The

sisters are then kidnapped and trained to be lethal assasins by the

president of Kageno Iron Coporation

Director: Hidekazu Takahara
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Aoi Sora, Satoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Naha, Shigeru Nakano, Chiyoko Sakamachi
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The Buffalo Boy

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A child is told his family history.

Kim's father is ill and his two buffaloes might die because all the grass is underwater because of the floods. Kim takes the two buffaloes in search of good grass. He joins Lap's herding team, and helps Det reunite with the mother of his son. One of the two buffaloes dies.

When Kim hears his father is dying, he goes to U Minh. The father reveals the truth of Kim's ancestry. A couple of strangers help Kim put his father's corpse in a s ...

Spirits (Oan Hon)

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As an aspiring writer, LOC (Tuan Cuong) seeks solitude in an abandoned piece of property to complete his latest piece of writing. Loc is only able to work at night, which also happens to be the time when the house reveals its terribly dark secret.

With the success of his writing, Loc purchases the property and makes it his home. Consumed by his obsessions, Loc falls into a temporary state of insanity. A blooming companionship develops between Loc and a young nurse named LINH ...

Cinta 24 Karat

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Cinta 24 Karat

Cinta 24 Karat is an Indonesia movie about matchmaking. Shana, a nineteen years old girl with 24 carat diamond on her teeth is a new student in Sydney University. She is pretty and still single. In Sydney, she stay wit her cousin, Vantje, a transexual. Vantje known as a funny, fussy, and kind-hearted person. He is working as a matchmaker. Knowing that Shana is still single, Vantje plans to find a boyfriend for Shana.

With all experience, reputation as the best matchmaker ever, ...