Letters from Kanai Nirai

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Letters from Kanai Nirai

Fuki who lives with her grandfather Shoei in Taketomi Island, Okinawa, dreams of becoming a photographer. In her childhood, her mother Masami left Fuki to live in Tokyo. Although Masami has not come back, Fuki receives birthday cards from Masami every year on her birthday. On Fuki's fourteenth birthday, Masami promises to confess everything when Fuki becomes 20 years old. After her graduation from high school, Fuki moves to Tokyo to work as a camera assistant. Fuki starts off her hectic life ...

Mongolian Ping Pong

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On the remote, vast grasslands of the Mongolian, 10-year old Bilike (Hurichabilike) and his family live a nomadic life and have little contact with the civilized” world. One day, the youngster makes an amazing find when he discovers, floating in a creek, a small and mysterious white sphere. He and his best friends, Dawa (Dawa) and Erguotou (Geliban), set out to solve the mystery and find the source of their prize in “Mongolian Ping Pong.”

Bilike has never se ...

Sweet Revenge

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Pure as driven snow and in the prime of youth, Cheung Yun has yet to taste the fruits of passion before she is embraced by death. Mr. Ching has lost everything dear to him. There's nothing left to lose except his life. Two lovelorn people living under the shadow of death find solace in a promise to fulfill each other's dying wishes--to have a one-time romance.

However, through a twist of fate, Cheung Yung uncovers the identity of her parents' murderer, who indirectly caused h ...


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Of all the mysteries circle in our everyday lives, of all the unknowns in our worst fears, of all the beliefs that we hear. Welcome to an action with suspense thriller story of a life reborn and an unconventional world of NECROMANCER.

Santi (Puthichai Amartayakul), a young cop finds his duty to be more than just ordinary when he is confronted by an astonishing rival, a former cop, Ithi (Chatchai Plengpanich) with an exceptional power beyond any normal human beings. What firs ...

Be With Me

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“Be With Me” is a tapestry of stories woven around the themes of love, hope and destiny. The characters lead separate lives but are bound by one common desire - to be with their loved one. The protagonists in the movie are fictitious except for Theresa Chan, whose life story inspired “Be With Me.” Deaf and blind since she was 14, Theresa, now 61, has triumphed over her disabilities to live an amazing life.

Director: Eric Khoo