Our Town

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Our Town

In a quiet, ordinary neighborhood, three women and a young girl are "crucified", with their dead bodies tied up in the form of a cross in public areas. Kyeong Su (Oh Man Seok), a struggling novelist, impulsively kills his landlady during a nasty quarrel over rent.

With the recent happenings around town, he conveniently covers up his crime as the doings of the serial killer. Kyeong Su's childhood buddy and police officer Jae Sin (Lee Seon Gyoon) begins to suspect the fifth victim was a copycat case.

Director: Jeong Gil Young
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Oh Man Seok, Lee Seon Gyoon, Ryoo Deok Hwan, Park Myeong Sin

Release Date: November 29, 2007
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Object Film, Motif Cinema
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Length: 114 mins


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