Terowongan Casablanca

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Terowongan Casablanca
After the success of Rumah Pondok Indah and Hantu Jeruk Purut, Indika Entertainment released another Horror Movie titled ?Terowongan Casablanca?. Terowongan Casablanca is an underpass in South Jakarta. Based on the police report many accident has happened in the underpass. There is an urban legend that this area is haunted by a spirit of a high school student who died on the 70s because she failed to do abortion. The story is based on this legend.

Release Date: February 22, 2007
Director : Nanang Istiabudi
Writer : Faldhin Martha
Cast : Asya Shara, Ardina Rasti, Nino Fernandez, Aldiansyah, Jupiter Fortissimo, Ray Sahetapy, Margie, Fivey V, Ki Joko Bodho, Titi Qadarsih
Studio : Indika Entertainment
Official Site: http://www.terowongancasablanca.com

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