Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo

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Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo

Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) are first-time parents who experience the joys and pains of raising a child. They realize that parenthood is extremely demanding that they learn to sacrifice their own interests for their baby.

One day, Jed has to go abroad for a business convention. Angie decides to go along, leaving their child with their friends. This is when their mothers (Gloria Diaz and Gina Pareño) come in and take turns taking care of their child, which led to a total disaster.

When they go back, Jed and Angie are confronted with their mothers' personal issues. They realize that only after they have done their role as children can they understand the true meaning of being a parent.

Director: Jose Javier Reyes
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Gloria Diaz, Gina Pareño, Ariel Ureta, Soliman Cruz, Robin Da Roza, Lui Villaruz, Juliana Palermo, Derek Ramsay

Release Date: December 25, 2007
Country: Philippines
Distributor: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Star Cinema Productions
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 110 mins


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