Bullet And Brain

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Bullet And Brain

Triad boss Principal meets an untimely demise when his protege Winston (Andrew Wu) betrays him. Before his death, he left his Swiss bank account password to his granddaughter Rain (Tong Yin), who now becomes Winston's next target. Winston needs the money to cut a deal with another mob boss (Eric Tsang), and he's willing to use any means to get it. Rookie cop Fei (Alex Fong) is assigned to protect Rain, but he's more bumbling than brave and both are soon in deep waters with Winston's gang on the hunt. Luckily, the Principal also left Rain a torn bill that if sent out would bring the aid of his old friends, legendary criminals Bullet (Francis Ng) and Brain (Anthony Wong). The sharp-minded, sharp-shooting duo haven't been seen in years, but they're back with guns a-blazing to save Rain. The only problem: they vowed years ago to never kill or lie again.

Director: Keung Kwok Man
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Eric Tsang, Alex Fong, Andrew Wu, Tong Yin

Release Date: October 19, 2007
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: Chengtian Entertainment, Film Dynasty
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action
Rating: Not Available
Length: 94 mins


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