Zombi Kampung Pisang

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Zombi Kampung Pisang

The story begins with Pak Abu's (Zami Ismail) sudden death. Three youngsters, Hussin (Awie), Mat Karan (AC Mizal) and Deris (Que Haidar), are loitering in the street when they witness the incident. They carry Pak Abu's body back to his house. They then report the incident to the village headman who also dies upon visiting the late Pak Abu. The movie continues with more zombies turning up in the village and the villagers gather at the community hall when the electricity is cut off. The situation then becomes uncontrollable. The police are informed of the incident but what is the secret behind all these incidents when the policeman is later seen to be a zombie?

Director: Mamat Khalid
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Awie, AC Mizal, Soffi Jikan, Que Haidar, Ezlynn, Nadia Mustafar, Ruminah Sidek, Zami Ismail, Loloq, Hamid Gurkha, Jalil Hamid

Release Date: April 19, 2007
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 95 mins

Keyword : Comedy, Horror, Not Available, KARA, You, Que Haidar, Nadia Mustafar, Ruminah Sidek, Ate, Control, House, Mama, Secret, The Secret, Tron, Up, GTH, Bi, Cas, Ron, Minah

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