Attack On Pin-Up Boys

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Attack On Pin-Up Boys

Seoul has been struck by a series of mean-spirited attacks targeting high school heartthrobs, with rocker Ye Sung and basketball player Han Geng among the victims. Word is the next victim will be at Neulparan High School, and the three most likely candidates are steely student body president Si Won, vain dance team leader Hee Chul, and judo team captain Kang In. Studious, bespectacled Ki Bum and breakdancing buddy Dong Hae decide to investigate. Rather than searching for the culprit, however, they’re a lot more interested in finding the next target. Meanwhile, the three potential victims are also competing against each other for top pin-up boy status and the fame that comes with it.

The studious student Kibum decides to investigate the matter, blogging all of the terror events on the 14th of each month, causing the event to become a hot topic within the student body. After several attacks, Kibum predicts that the next victim will be either Siwon, president of the student body; Heechul, president of the dance club; or Kangin, the captain of the Judo Team.

Director: Lee Kwon
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Super Junior

Release Date: July 26, 2007
Country: South Korea
Distributor: Chunguhram & mandf
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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