Kamulah Satu Satunya

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Kamulah Satu Satunya

Kamulah satu-satunya (You're the one) is an Indonesian drama movie starring Nirina Zubir as Indah, a village girl who works at a small coffee shop belongs to her grandfather (Didi Petet). Indah is a huge fans of the Dewa 19 group band. She is willing to do anything to see her favorite band. With her friend's help, Indah run away from home to go to Jakarta to find Dewa 19. But when she is close to get what she's dreaming for, she realized that a lot of things she did are hurting other people who cares for her, including her best friend Bowo (Junior) who secretly falls in love with her.

Director: Hanung Bramantyo
Writer(s): Hanung Bramantyo, Key Mangunsong, Raditya
Cast: Nirina Zubir, Junior Liem, Didi Petet, Fani Fadilah, Tarzan, Ringgo Agus Rahman

Release Date: July 12, 2007
Distributor: Oerima Productions
Genre: Drama, Music
Official Site: Kamulah Satu-satunya


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