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Roh (The Evil Spirit) is a story about a mysterious death of a young girl named Ririn. A strange accident happened to Ririn when she went camping with her friends in a cabin in the forest. Purbo, a paranormal see that incident happened to Ririn is caused by an angry spirit. To save Ririn, Purbo wants to do a reconstruction of the incident. But unfortunately it's too late, Ririn passed away.Nadya, Ririn's bestfriend feels so lost and responsibility to Ririn's death. Suddenly, strange things also happened to her. She heard a whisper in her ear which makes her panicked. Nadya and her fianc?e Gilang decided to take a short vacation to calm Nadya down. They go to Gilang's bungalow but the strange things don't go away, it still happens to Nadya and this time is not only whisper in her ears but a dream that could claim their lives.

Director: Atok Suharto
Writer(s): Kresnha Armand
Cast: Ryan Delon, Rini Yuliantini, Putri Patricia, Zaenal Abidin Domba, Tabah Penemuan, Angel Bella, Irul Luthan

Release Date: January 11, 2007
Genre: Horror
Distributor: P.T. LKF MM Creations

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