Kawin Kontrak Lagi

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Kawin Kontrak Lagi

Continued the success married Euis Tea (Wiwid Gunawan) in the film was "Kawin Kontrak", Jody (Ricky Harun) came back in being "Kawin Kontrak Lagi". This time, Jody, that was cornered the problem of economics in his family, became the broker was married the contract with Kang Sono (Lukman Sardi).

They brought three students was antisocial, Menfo, Hakim, and Fredo to the Pakelonan Village for have marrige contract with local girls, supplied by big bos in that village, Boss Maung Without being supposed, Euis Tea now lives in the same village while containing the child Jody! Jody must come back was a husband, in fact he has had the girlfriend continue to in Jakarta.

Boss Maung evidently had a business agenda in personally that was unjust and arbitrarily. He assigned his subordinates to blackmail their leased husbands. Now Hakim and Fredo angry because felt was cheated, Menfo even seriously fell in love with Sasi (Thalita Latief), his leased wife. In fact, Boss Maung wanted to sell Sasi to the difficult class customer in the city.

The affair was married the contract that must him engrosseded in even being difficulties. Kang Sono and Jody try to escape from many intrigue, including Jody's girlfriend's emergence in the Pakelonan Village. Only a miracle that could make Kang Sono and Jody free from the misfortune.

Director: Oddy C. Harahap
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Ricky Harun, Lukman Sardi, Wiwid Gunawan, Cut Mini, Thalita Latief, Deby Ayu

Release Date: To Be Announced
Producer: Raam Punjabi
Distributor: MVP Pictures
Official site: Kawin Kontrak Lagi
Genre: Comedy


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