Tarzan Ke Kota

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Tarzan Ke Kota

The story begins when city girl Ratna goes to the jungle to find a medicinal cure for wrinkles. She is kidnapped by her former boyfriend, Arde, and kept in a cave until her captor has a car accident. The cave turns out to be the home of Tarzan, a feral man who lives in the jungle. They become good friends and Tarzan introduces Ratna to his friends, who include a panther, a horse, a chicken and a monkey.

Tarzan eventually takes Ratna home to Jakarta, by horse, of course. Upon entering the city, Tarzan is fascinated by the skyscrapers and the “horses of steel” — the cars on Jalan Sudirman. In the city, Ratna teaches Tarzan about urban culture, how to use the toilet, how to eat properly and how to speak English.

Meanwhile, Ratna’s former boyfriend, Arde, has turned into a villain called Master Mata Hitam (Master Black Eyes).

Leaning that Tarzan is in town he manages to manipulate the jungle man to capture a rare python for use in cosmetic products. The residents of the jungle become enraged and call him a traitor, and Tarzan sets out to bring the python back home and make things right, helped by Ratna, who feels guilty about taking Tarzan to the city in the first place.

Director: Reka Wijaya
Writer(s): Reka Wijaya
Cast: Sandra Dewi, Vincent Club 80’s, Ajul Jiung, Him Damsyik, Connie Sutejda, Reza Pahlevi

Release Date: December 4, 2008
Producer: Lavesh Samtani, Khristo Damar Alam, Mandy Marhaimin
Distributor: 13 Entertainment & Lolipop Pictures
Country: Indonesia
Genre: Drama
Official Site: TarzanKota.com
Rating: Not Available
Runtime: 90 min

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