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Tung (Vic Chou) is a popular student at his college. He was initially dating Fan, the college’s Queen, but became attracted to Gia (Li Bing Bing) whom he fell in love at first sight.

One day, Gia and Tung had a quarrel and when Tung gave chase to Gia on his motorcycle, he had a car accident and died. After the accident, Gia isn’t herself anymore and relies on medication to control her emotions.

Three years have passed since Tung’s death. Gia has graduated and works as a legal assistant in a law firm. Life is busy but she feels empty. She does not know if it is because of guilt or that she misses him.

Her doctor, Dr. Yuen (Roy Cheung) advises her to stop the medication and move on with her life. However, once she stops the medication, she begins to see Tung in her dreams. She suspects that her encounters with Tung are real. At the same time, she realizes that her love for Tung is true and she has never stopped loving him.

At this point, Wu (Wong Yau Nam) appears in Gia’s life. Wu is a delinquent who has been sent to the reformatory several times and has no permanent occupation. As Wu admires Gia, he is willing to do anything for Gia and she asks him to track down Tung’s father.

The relationship with his father is one burden that Tung cannot let go even after his death. Their relationship has never been good after Tung was beaten by his father in his youth. They drifted further apart when Tung moved out to stay on his own in his second year of college. Gia discovers that Tung’s father misses his son very much.

At last, Gia frees her true self to Tung and he fades away as they both defeat the affliction within their hearts...

Director: Johnnie To
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Vic Chou, Li Bing Bing, Yao Yung, Maggie Shiu, Roy Cheung, Wong Yau Nam

Release Date: January 10, 2008
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: Mily Way Image Company, Sil-Metropol Organization, Sundream Motion Pictures
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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