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"Akhirat", very poignantly, shows the relentless strife of a woman, Mira (Vanidah Imran), who struggles her entire life after knowing she is surrounded by the biggest enemy on earth which is going to attack her body. After getting into the frightening and mysterious conflict, she was burdened with the almost impossible - to face the community and most importantly, to bear the responsibility for her whole family.

Mira has to go through the bitterness of her life secretly. By knowing that she is no longer important and could not fulfil her duty as a wife, she tried to avoid and neglect her husband, Amran (Tony Eusoff) so that he could fond a replacement and tries her best to get him married to her cousin, Noni (Nabila Huda), but Amran is not keen about Noni and accuses her of being the black sheep of the family. At the same time Noni becomes wold after knowing that her partner, Ari (Ady Putra), who smuggles luxury cars, has been arrested by the police.

Finally, Noni indirectly gives an inspiration to Mira that she has revealed the truth. The truth was revealed at last by Mira that her life is coming to an end, "Akhirat". And what defines one's life between right and wrong?

Can Mira motivate herself to fight against the biggest enemy? How will Amran overcome the biggest enemy in his family? What will happen to Ari after being arrested? Will Nabila end her wild lifestyle of sex and everything bad? How will Dati' Shamsudin face all these?

"Akhirat" ...Judgment Day is in your hands!

Director: Syed Mohamed
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Vanidah Imran, Tony Eusoff, Ady Putra, Nabila, Jins Shamsudin, Sivaji Rajah A.M.N, Yang Kassim, Jalaluddin Hasan, Fauziah Nawi, Othman Hafsham, Zack Taipan, Maznah Zulkifli, Bront, Mahmud Ali Bashah

Release Date: March 20, 2008
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Sri Saheb Production Sdn Bhd
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 94 mins


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