Open City

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Open City

The Regional Crime Squad consists of the finest elites of Korea’s police force, and veteran detective Cho Dae Young (Kim Myeong Min) outshines them all as the officer with the most arrests on his record. Dae Young receives orders from his superiors to oversee the case over a pickpocket ring affiliated with the Yakuza. Park Jang Mi (Son Ye Jin), arrestingly beautiful and ingenious with her hands, attempts to bring in Kang Man Ok (Kim Hae Sook), a legendary pickpocket, into her international ring in hopes of expanding it. Dae Young and Jang Mi first meet when he rescues her from danger. Little do they know what lies ahead.

Director: Lee Sang Gi
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Kim Myeong Min, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hae Sook, Son Byeong Ho, Shim Ji Ho, Yoon Yoo Seon, Kim Byeong Ok, Ji Dae Han, Park Gil Soo, Do Gi Seok, Kim Joon Bae, Jo Sang Geon, Koo Seong Hwan, Lee Ho Yeong, Park Hyeok Kwon, Lee Hye Sook, Park Seong Min, Lee Eol, Kim Jeong Tae

Release Date: January 10, 2008
Country: South Korea
Distributor: Ssamzie
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Crime
Rating: Not Available
Length: 112 mins


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