The Wall-Passer

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The Wall-Passer

Set in the future, 17-year-old Tye (Chang Yung Cheng) and his parents evacuate their home and leave planet G40 where there has been an earthquake. From there they migrate to Reality City.

Tye is fanatical about the piano and constantly tapping out rhythms. His constant tinkling on his computer keyboard as if it were a set of 88s leads to an overload on the Internet-dominated state in which he now lives.

On a trip to a museum Tye finds a radioactive rock that gives him the ability to pass through walls. He also meets and secretly falls for an alien employee called Nono (Lee Chia Ying) who communicates through bionic earpieces.

The romance is cut off by the reappearance of Nono's French-speaking lover. After the alien leaves without a trace, Tye searches for her in a world called Elsewhere.

He never finds her but does meet the leather-clad blind hottie, Ya Hung (Lu Chia Hsin). Eventually he realizes that he is a character in a computer game that Ya Hung created. Tye lets Ya Hung take his place in the game so that she can experience family life.

They return to their own worlds and 20 years pass by. The middle-aged Tye (Leon Dai) comes to what looks like the end of the world during a company outing. There, he sees a girl who resembles his long-lost love, Nono.

Director: Hung Hung
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Chang Yung Cheng, Lee Chia Ying, Lu Chia Hsin, Leon Dai, Lee Lieh

Release Date: November 9, 2008
Country: Taiwan
Distributor: Les Moutons Sans Souci Films Company, Ocean Deep Films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Rating: 108 mins
Length: Not Available


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