The Devil's Game

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A struggling artist Hee Do (Sin Ha Gyoon) is offered a million dollar to bet his life if he loses a game against a rich old man named No Shik (Byeon Hee Bong) who is dying from a terminal disease. The game is to dial any random number and tell whether it would be male or female who takes the call before the phone gets answered. Hee Do calls “Female” and No Shik “Male.” It turns out the call-answerer is a drag queen and Hee Do loses.

After a month of a brain operation, No Shik wakes up in Hee Do’s body and Hee Do does in No Shik’s. With Hee Do’s young healthy body, No Shik is now the man of health and wealth, let alone romance with the clueless Hee Do’s fiancé.

Meanwhile, No Shik’s ex-wife convinces the frustrated Hee Do to help her lay out a scheme to revenge upon No Shik by revealing the truth. However, the woman is found dead not long after in No Shik’s office building.

Hee Do comes to another showdown with No Shik and makes the second bet that could return his lost body if he wins and could lose his memories about his fiancé to No Shik if he fails. Each calls out random numbers and waits for the voice to be heard...

Director: Yoon In Ho
Writer(s): Salman Aristo, Mira Lesmana
Cast: Sin Ha Gyoon, Byeon Hee Bong, Lee Hye Yeong, Son Hyeon Joo, Eun Seong, Kim Hyeok I, Choo Sang Rok, Maeng Bo Hak, Jo Cheong Ho, Hang Myeong Hwan, Sin Jeong Geun, Han Jae Yeong, Jang Hang Seon

Release Date:
January 31, 2008
Country: South Korea
Distributor: Prime Entertainment
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Length: 116 mins

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