Scare 2 Die!

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The movie consists of three stories:

Gambling Man
Au Cun is a morbid gambler, addicted to mahjong game. He ignores his pregnant wife, ruins his job and accumulates big debts. His gambling partner Wong Tsuen gives him an ancient coin to bring good luck, he is told that when he holds it in his mouth during gambling, he will win for 13 days with the help of the spirits of "13 Orphans". However he can only win one big game per day and may not quit till he wins totally 13 games. Au Cun plays mahjong with the coin in his mouth and the lucky thing really comes true. But later the losers die one by one. Eventually he is hunted down by the spirits... Does the "13 orphans" give good luck to trade one's life?

Running Girl
Luk Wing (Elanne Kwong) wakes up from her dream and realizes that she is in a world of cannibal! Her lover Sunny (Tommy Yuen) is being butchered and boiled. Her father is disremembered by her mother and served as a delicacy. Wing is besieged by crowds of zombie when she goes down to the street and then she faints with fears... When she becomes conscious, she finds something is missing from her body...

Crying Boy
Chan (Sam Lee) is a teenager with no school, no job and no qualifications. Attracted by a USD$130,000 cash prize, he decides to join a TV show called "Scare 2 Die". The winner is the one who survives in the haunted house for 13 days...

Director: Cub Chien
Writer(s): Salman Aristo, Mira Lesmana
Cast: Sam Lee, Elanne Kwong, Tommy Yuen, Lawrence Chou, Tsang Kwok Cheung, Wong Ho Yin

Release Date: April 3, 2008
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: Century Creator Co. Ltd., Magic Heart Film Production
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: 98 mins


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