Woh Mah Ba Maha Sanook

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Woh Mah Ba Maha Sanook

In one of the most uncivilized villages where most of the people prefer petting strange animals than having a regular dog since rabid was an epidemic in the neighborhood before. The result of rabid is the cleanout of the dog population. The village also undergoes the drought problem, while the grass is greener in the neighboring town.

On one day, an unexpected thing happens. One of the villagers is terribly bitten by an unknown creature. Everyone tries to search for the answer until the only scholar in the village concludes that a rabid dog bit the victim to dead. Chok, the only dog in the village, becomes the number one suspect. He usually lives in a temple and is very smart.

With fear of getting bit by Chok, all villagers figure the weirdest way possible to protect themselves from him and at the same time want to get rid of Chok for good. When the mentality of dog and human crashes…we’ll find out who is the best in this mind game.

Director: Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Anuwat Tarapan, Yaowaluk Toomboon, Chusak Aiemsuk, Ampon Rattanawong

Release Date: July 17, 2008
Country: Thailand
Distributor: Sahamongkol Film
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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