Kawin Laris

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Kawin Laris

Ever since he was a child, Agus loves weddings. He loves them so much, he tries to pursue his dream to become… a marriage clergyman. His family wants him to be a surgeon like his dad but Agus believes that his profession is just as noble and important. In time, he manages to become the youngest marriage clergyman in their area.

Unfortunately, with divorce cases on the rise, unmarried couples living together – the rate of marriage is rapidly going down. Agus’s superior has tasked him to increase the marriage statistics and prevent the numbers for divorce from rising. With the threat that their office will be merged with the office from another area looming over him, Agus’s great journey begins. Alone, he will do his best to make people believe again in the holiness of marriage. Agus uses innovative ideas in his marriage preparation classes, inspiring quite a variety of couples.

There is a couple who signs only the attendance paper, an old man who had been married 8 times and therefore acts cocky as he knows all the answers, a 15 year old boy who lied on his ID, a high ranking official who sends his driver to accompany his mistress etc.

Agus also has a nemesis. On many occasions he encounters competition Deon from another area. Deon is a popular, good-looking young marriage clergyman, known to be the infotainment star since he is always used by the celebrities to officiate their marriages. A true narcissist, Deon is a self-loving, camera obsessed man who will do whatever is needed to hijack Agus’s clients. From giving door prizes, convincing people to switch their area codes to his area, manipulations and even to the extent of seducing a bride-to-be, Deon tries them all.

Agus and Deon’s war peaks when both must now get one client that will see them officiating the wedding of the century. The wedding of Amanda Alissa, a beautiful and popular actress/singer. Agus believes that Amanda Alissa’s marriage will be a great endorsement to society about the beauty of marriage. But it turns out that as Amanda starts having doubts about her future husband that Agus finds himself falling in love with her.

Back home, Agus receives shocking news that his parents are about to file for a divorce. Agus’s world comes crashing down as his perception about the holiness of marriage is shaken and tested.

It seems like the most important person that he needs to convince now is himself. Can Agus prove to his family that he has chosen the right profession. Can Agus make commitment “hot” again?

Director: Cassandra Massardi
Writer(s): Cassandra Massardi
Cast: Vincent Rompies, Zomi Zola, Candil, Edric Tjandra, Udjo Project Pop, Nana Mirdad, Jill Gladys, Sujiwo Tejo

Release Date: January 12, 2009
Genre: Comedy
Distributor: Mega Media, Mm Insa Pictures
Runtime: 92 Min


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