Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng

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Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng

Boy was a famous Actor. Boy's past that was gloomor changed after his car accident that killed two people. After the saddening incident, Boy became the Envoy of No Drugs, and often visited Rehabilation place for drugs. The day when he became talker in that place.

Boy saw one of users there reminded him about the accident 5 years ago. Evidently Junkie was Yani, the child from the couple that Boy hit previously. Boy felt guilty of that incident, tried to redeem his mistake by helping Yani to recover from illegal drugs.

Yani had the close friend, he is a port named Felix. Yani bolted from rehabilitation and began to use illegal drugs again with Felix. Boy look for her and brought Yani to his house. This incident made the girlfriend Boy, Luna angry. Yani then did not want remained in Boy's house was still feeling comfortable, even so with Boy.

When their relations were increasingly close, Ahmad, Boy's second-hand Manager that replaced Boy punishment was imprisoned came terrorised and informed Yani that Boy that killed her parents. Yani raged and went from Boy's house. Boy tried to look for Yani, but did not meet. Would Yani wanted to forgive Boy and to try her new life with Boy?

Director: Monty Tiwa
Writer(s): Ayu Massie, Monty Tiwa, Titien Wattimena
Cast: Marshanda, Agus Ringgo Rahman, Sigi Wimala, Dwi Sasono, Vincent Rompies, Tutie Kirana

Release Date: February 12, 2009
Producer: Leo Sutanto, Mitzy Christina
Country: Indonesia
Official Site: KalauCintaJanganCengeng.com
Distributor: Sinemart
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available


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