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T2 (Tenement 2) is the story of Claire (Maricel Soriano) who is still reeling from the pain of the break-up of her childless marriage with Jeremy (Derek Ramsay). A social volunteer for a foundation that reunites children with their relatives, Claire decides to go to Samar to take her mind off her marital problems.

She brings a young boy to Samar but on her way back faced a blocked road, forcing them to spend the night in an orphanage where she meets Angeli (Mica Dela Cruz). The nuns at the orphanage requested Claire to bring Angeli to Tenement 2 where Angeli’s folks live. Strange and unexplainable occurrences take place when they arrived at Tenement 2, making Claire wondering about the real identity of Angeli.

Director: Chito Rono
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Maricel Soriano, Mica Dela Cruz, Derek Ramsay, Camille Prats, Eric Fructuoso, Mon Confiado, Joross Gamboa, Dominic Ochoa, John Lloyd Cruz, Carmen Soo, Say Alonzo, Mart Escudero, Techie Agbayani, K Brosas, Mosang, Claudine Baretto

Release Date: April 11, 2009
Country: Philippines
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: Star Cinema Productions
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Runtime: 100 mins


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