White Night

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One male prisoner is killed after being released from the prison. Detective Han Dong Soo (Han Seok Kyu), in charge of this case suspects that this is related to a murder about 14 years ago when a woman is the prime suspect for killing her lover. He has no doubt that the lover’s son, Yo Han (Ko Soo) is involved with the recent murder.

Meanwhile, the chief executive officer of a large company orders his assistant, See Yeong (Lee Min Jeong) to do a background check on his future wife, Yoo Mi Ho (Son Ye Jin). She later discovers that Mi Ho has created a new identity in order to cover up for her mother’s murderous act 14 years ago. What is even more interesting Yo Han is very much involved in Mi Ho’s personal life.

Yo Han acts as Mi Ho’s protector whenever someone tries to interfere with her life. He exists as shadow and Mi Ho is her light, simply because both knew exactly what happened 14 years ago. As the romance between the two grows more killings are being committed. Detective Han is searching for more clues to uncover the mystery. Will the real murderer get caught in the end and what’s the hidden truth behind the murder?

Director: Park Shin Woo
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Han Seok Kyu, Son Ye Jin, Ko Soo, Lee Min Jeong, Park Seong Woong, Cha Hwa Yeon, Ju Da Yeong, Lee Jong Won

Release Date: November 19, 2009
Country: South Korea
Distributor: Cinema Service, Folux Pictures
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 135 mins

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