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Farah (Fahrani Empel) is a lingerie model and is working for an agency called Heaven's Secret. One day she receives a work offer with the theme 'wild fantasy' for photo session in Werenggini Forest, a forest that is located in a remote village. She gladly receives the offer as she desperately need the money to treat her sick mother.

Together she head down the forest with two friends; Wiwid (Shinta Bachir) and Gabriella (Rebecca Reidjman) for the photo session. Following them are Alex (Meidian Maladi), the reprensentative from the agency, together with photographer, Damian (Dallas Pratama) and Ingrid (Reynavenska).

Upon their arrival on the entrance of Werenggini Forest, the local residents advise them not to enter as the forest keepers who are evil by nature are seeking sacrifices in human lives. However, the stubborn Alex insist to proceed with the photo session inside the dark forest.

When dusk falls each members of the group begin to disappear mysteriously from the remote forest, with their lives being taken away by the forest keepers. What are the fate between Farah and her friends? Who will survive and escape from Werenggini Forest in the end?

Director: Rizal Mantovani
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Fahrani Empel, Rebecca Reidjman, Shinta Bachir, Dallas Pratama, Meidian Maladi, Reynavenska

Release Date:
April 29, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Rapi Films
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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