Curse Of The Deserted

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Curse Of The Deserted

Gene (Shawn Yue) is the author of a book called "The Deserted Village". One day he is invited by Professor Tru Sun (Yue Xiao Jun) to become a nude model for a group of art students under the supervision of art teacher (Fu Miao). Four of the students happen to be his loyal readers of his new book and they are also lovers.

John (Li Ze Feng) is Fanny's (Liu Shu Han) boyfriend while Timmy (Dai Xu) is dating with Rain (Chin Zi Han). After the drawing session they approach Gene and ask for the location of the mansion stated in his book but Gene claims all the stories written inside his novel are lies and refuses to reveal the secret of the village.

However, the students are determined in visiting the village to find out the truth. According to the novel there was a couple lived during the 16th century that used to stay in the mansion. Suddenly the husband got ill and passed away, and the wife called Yan Zhi (Shi Liu Yi) promised to stay by his side for 7 days and 6 nights.

Later the husband miraculously woke up and Yan Zhi was so happy that she informed the whole village about this news. But they believed her husband had turned into ghost and they burnt him alive inside the mansion. Due of her deep affection Yan Zhi set herself on fire. From there on the mansion became haunted.

Anyone who stayed there could not come out alive, particularly for couples who cheated each other. After discovering the mansion they inform Gene about it and he forbids them to enter the mansion but they still proceed. Fanny, John and Rain later lost their lives within 7 days returning from the mansion. Only Timmy survives.

Even Gene have few encounters meeting with Yan Zhi's spirits that are disputed by Professor Tru Sun. The professor claims that the spirits are just illusions triggered by EM waves, causing mental disorder. Meanwhile, Gene's ex-girlfriend, Gigi (Kitty Zhang Yu Qi) is furious that he featured their exploration stories in his new book.

The death of the three students also attracts the attention of Detective Ye (Hai Yi Tian), who is the officer in-charge investigating the case. According to Timmy 'Love is not a game and is not meant to be tested'. This could be the reason why the three lost their lives earlier as they have admitted of cheating behind their lovers.

In order to find out the truth and to stop Yan Zhi's curse from spreading, Gigi and Gene decide to head back to the village and to unveil the mystery hidden inside a well. While inside Gene encounters his first love contact with Gigi three years earlier when his mind are regressed to the past. Will they survive and come out alive?

Director: Law Chi Leung
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Shawn Yue, Kitty Zhang Yu Qi, Fu Miao, Yue Xiao Jun, Li Ze Feng, Liu Shu Han, Dai Xu, Chin Zi Han, Shi Liu Yi, Hai Yi Tian

Release Date: August 13, 2010
Country: China
Distributor: Beijing Poly-bona Film Distribution Company, Bona Entertainment
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: 95 mins


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