Close To You

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Close To You

The campus boxing association is going to close down as the university intends to increase their parking spaces. At the same time the boxing membership also decreases. The association is led by Zhao Da Jie (Eddie Peng), who is quite talkative and popular with girls but winless in every competition that he joins.

The association is managed by Ding Xiao Kui (Amber Kuo) and his father (Luo Bei An) is the boxing coach. Closing down the association would mean her father would be unemployed and she tried her best for this not to happen as she also has personal goals to be achieved with the association.

On the same university there's a male student called Chen Jia Xiang (Ming Dao). While on the subway he discovers that he has boxing skills in his past. Actually he is a renowned boxer from Beijing but is suffering from amnesia. His admirer, Chi Shan Shan (Renee Yuan) is a violin student at the same university.

Ding Xiao Ling (Yang Zi Shan) is Xiao Kui's elder sister. Since young her father sent her to learn violin but when she grows up she realizes that Shan Shan performs better violin than her and is considering to quit. At one stage she is worried about Xiao Kui's situation, but Xiao Kui misunderstood her.

Under the encouragement of Shan Shan, Jia Xiang joins the boxing association and becomes Da Jie's mentor and training partner. Initially Da Jie dislikes him but after he starts to recover in his memory he also shares his techniques and secrets with him. Jia Xiang then insists to be a boxer. What is the motive behind his move?

Director: Cheng Hsiao Tse
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Eddie Peng, Ming Dao, Amber Kuo, Renee Yuan, Wong Hei, Yang Zi Shan, Shaun Tam, Luo Bei An

Release Date: August 13, 2010
Country: Taiwan
Distributor: Lion Rock Productions Limited, Xin Yang Film Production, Bai He Film Entertainment Limited
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 103 mins


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