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Juliet's Choice (By Hou Chi Jan)
Taiwan in the 1970s. Xiu Zhu (Vivian Hsu) is a printing worker with handicapped legs who gives up on love. Everything changes when she meets an university student, Luo Wei (Wang Bo Chieh), who requests her factory to print newspaper, where the content is critical with the views about social reform.

As Taiwan is under martial law that period the factory owner has to reject his request. In order to gain Luo Wei's attention and possibly love, Xiu Zhu promises him to privately print the newspaper by herself, no matter how serious the consequences would be and Luo Wei reacts with a smile. Can their love begin from this?

Two Juliets (By Shen Ko Shang)
Thirty years ago, a dancing troupe owner's daughter Julie (Lee Chien Na) falls in love with puppeteer's son Xiao Luo (River Huang). During festive seasons the two families would perform together and soon it turns into a business rivalry. As a result of this both fathers hate each other and forbid their children to be in love.

Julie and Xiao Luo are secretly in love and their meeting place is a mental hospital located on the hill. One day, Julie's father finds out about their relationship and their relationship ends. Before Xiao Luo leaves he asks her to disguise as a mental patient in the hospital and wait for his return. Will Xiao Luo ever return to meet Julie?

Another Juliet (By Chen Yu Hsun)
After failing love for 28 times, 40 year old bachelor, Chu Li Ye (Kang Kang) decides to take his own life on a mountain. However, there is a tv crew making commercials nearby, they not only save him but also invite him to join as an extra actor. This opportunity turns him into a star and suddenly he has the courage to live on. And perhaps, looking for love once again on the 29th attempt?

Director: Hou Chi Jan, Shen Ko Shang, Chen Yu Hsun
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Vivian Hsu, Wang Bo Chieh, Lee Chien Na, River Huang, Kang Kang, Liang He Chun

Release Date: December 3, 2010
Country: Taiwan
Distributor: Zeus International Production Ltd., Khan Entertainment Co.
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 90 mins


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