Love Cuts

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Love Cuts

Sissy (Zoe Tay) operates a shop called Sissy's Seamstress. She would open her shop once her two children: Mabel (Regene Lim) and Howard (Edwin Goh) go to school. She is a seamstress and perform alterations for branded, authentic and also imitations apparel for 30 years and have solid reputation among her customers.

She is a responsible seamstress and would not accept payment from customers if she fails on her duties. Husband Wai Mun (Kenny Ho) is a dedicated restaurant manager who is always busy. He rejects his brother's request to open a restaurant in Hong Kong as he wants his children to receive the best education in Singapore.

One day, Mabel celebrates her 10th birthday and sadly her father could not attend her birthday party and Sissy is unhappy about it. Howard does not seem to be interested with the party as his attention goes to a model called Kristie Kong (Christy Yow) from a magazine and also upset due to his father's absence.

Kristie is a lingerie model and has an opportunity of becoming a brand ambassador for overseas lingerie chain. She has got a wealthy boyfriend called Timothy (Allan Wu) that wants to marry her and asks her for a nude wedding photograph. Kristie and Sissy happen to meet when Kristie drops by her shop to buy some clothes.

One day Sissy pays a visit to a doctor and discovers she is suffering from fourth stage breast cancer and requires full anesthesia as the tumor is growing very deep. Kristie also suffers similar disease and later both become best of friends. She is worried her career as model would be over and her boyfriend would leave her.

Sissy informs her husband about her condition and decides to perform chemotherapy treatment after taking the doctor's advice and he is shocked after hearing the news. Soon Wai Mun learns on how to operate a washing machine and help Sissy take shower with Howard taking care of the shop during the school holidays.

At one stage the pessimistic Sissy allows Wai Mun to remarry once she passes away some day. He scolds her for making such a silly remark as he finds her to give him the greatest happiness to be his wife. During the chemotherapy process she also teaches Mabel on how to sew and she promises to sew a kimono for her.

Meanwhile, Kristie is still undecided on whether to remove the tumor from her breast as she still wants to proceed with her career and is confused about her love with Timothy. Will Kristie remove the tumor and inform Timothy about it? Can Sissy recover in the end? Will they get back together as happy family once again?

Director: Gerald Lee
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Allan Wu, Christy Yow, Zoe Tay, Kenny Ho, Edwin Goh, Regene Lim

Release Date: September 9, 2010
Country: Singapore
Distributor: Clover Films, Grand Brilliance, MM2 Entertainment, G & J Creation
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 118 mins


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