Laskar Pemimpi

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Laskar Pemimpi

Dutch military aggression II in December 1948 to makes Sri Mulyani (Tika Project Pop) should leave from her hometown in Maguwo, Central Java. Sri, who left her hometown then met with Indonesian guerrillas led by Captain Hadi Sugito (Gading Marten) who was looking for new guerrillas troops in avillage named Panjen.
Together with Sri that day, Udjo, son of an aristocrat who enroll because deluded by Wiwid (Shanty). There are also Ahok (Odie Project Pop) and Tumino (Gugum Project Pop). They were later met with Toar (Yosi of Project Pop) myopic youth that has already become guerrillas, Cpl Jono (Dwi Sasono) who are often demoted, and Lieutenant Bowo (T. Rifnu Wikana) Captain Hadi Sugito confidant.

Before Sri and her friends get adequate tactics of battle, KNIL troops under the command of Lieutenant Kuyt had attacked their base at Panjen village. Lieutenant Kuyt kidnapped Wiwid and her sister, Yayuk (Masayu Anastasia) and cause anger of Cpl Jono and new Panjen guerrillas troops.

Under the command of Cpl Jono, soldiers who have minimal experience was escape from the headquarters to free their friends. By simply relying on information from Once (OON Project Pop) a KNIL army who has captured, and the guerrillas attack KNIL headquarter but they were captured. Fortunately, Lieutenant Bowo with other Panjen guerrillas troops manage to escape them.

What Cpl Jono and his men did was make an anger of Captain Hadi. They were fired with no honor. This makes them not to be included in a major raid to Yogyakarta on March 1, 1949 led by Lt. Col. Soeharto. But their battle spirit were not recede, Cpl Jono and wasted is not retroactive. Silently they move to intercept the Dutch aid troops in a daring mission, and they are known as the elite troops by the Siliwangi soldiers, and also recorded in a history as a reckless forgotten hero.

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia
Director: Monty Tiwa
Writer(s): Eric Tiwa, Monty Tiwa
Cast: Project Pop, Dwi Sasono, Shanty, Gading Marten, T Rifnu Wikana, Masayu Anastasia, Marcell Siahaan, Candil

Release Date: September 30, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Pt. Kharisma Starvision Plus
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy, War
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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