Setan Facebook

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Setan Facebook

At the age of 19, Farah was very energetic and spontaneous. She was considered as a over confidence girl by her friends. Cici, her best friend and Nauvam her boyfriend have often reminds her to not to get obsessed with her status at facebook.

Farah activity levels already exceed the portions, sometimes she always update her facebook status not in the right time and the right place. She has never missed to update what ever on her mind at facebok. Terror begins when Farah was invited to confirm of someones profile named Mira Anindhita, a stranger figure that in the future will bring disaster for her. Fortunately, Farah has never confirmed the invitation while her friends suddenly die after confirm the friend invotation.

Farah begins to fear, what is actually happen? Is death the people around her have a relationship with facebook or psycho who terrorized them in a strange way. Soon she was asking for help to a hackers, Roni, who was requested to trace a mysterious facebook profile which may be the cause of her friends death.

As the terror continued, Farah met with Oma Pujo who reputedly became the key to everything. But Farah still could not calm down because time is no longer leaves an opportunity for her.

Is there any relationship between Farah and the mysterious figure who did terror and killed her friends? will Farah survive?

Producer: Helfi Kardit
Director: Helfi Kardit
Writer(s): M. Ilhamka Nizam
Cast: Cindy Anggrina,Boy Hamzah, Jehaan Sienna, Maeeva Amin, Waqid, Ricky Ertan

Release Date: October 21, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: D'color Entertainment
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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