Aku atau Dia?

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Aku atau Dia?

Novi (Julie Estelle) and Dafi (Rizki Hanggono) is a "Campus sweetheart", met in college and dating until they graduate. although their relationship was not without flaw, Novi and Dafi successfully live it up to 4 years. Novi really love Dafi and she always try to support him, including his career as a lawyer. As an apprentice, Dafi wants make a great careert. Amara (Aline Adita), senior attorney at Amara & Partners, see the Dafi's desire and exploit this situation by offering the position of partner for Dafi. Dafi not refuse and welcomes Amara's the offer.

The consequences is that Dafi is forced to sacrifice its relationship with Novi for his career. Novi did not expect Dafi will done that and she really sad. Fortunately for Novi, amid a sense of despair, there's Pipit (TJ), Henry (Ananda Omesh), and Asep (Ringo Agus Rahman), siblings - a brother who is always ready to entertain and help him forget about Dafi. Fortunately for Novi, in the middle of her despair, there's Pipit (TJ), Wawan (Ananda Omesh), and Asep (Ringo Agus Rahman), her brothers and sister who are always ready to entertain and help him to forget Dafi.

By coincidence, Novi listen to a radio talk shows, heart-break.com, where Mbak Eliza (Sophie Navita) discusses the story of a broken heart because of a third party. Novi contact Mbak Novi from heart-break.com to help her to find the answers.

Helped by heart-break team assisted by special agent Rama (Fedi Nuril) in collaboration with his brothers, Pipit, Asep and Wawan, Novi tried to retake the attention of Dafi.

will Novi manage to get Dafi back to her?

Producer: Affandi Abdul Rachman
Director: Affandi Abdul Rachman
Writer(s): Affandi Abdul Rachman, Nataya Bagya
Cast: Fedi Nuril, Julie Estelle, Rizky Hanggono, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Ananda Omesh, Aline Adita, Lukman Sardi, Alex Abbad, Yama Carlos

Release Date:
October 28, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Diwangkara
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy, Romantic
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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