Pengantin Sunat

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Pengantin Sunat

Japra (Amink) a young man from Kampung Pasir who has a very serious problem. An incident when he was a kid involving catfish, his genitals become super duper small sized while he really want to become a groom, and the conditions is he must be circumcised.

He became a reproach of villagers especially Sukri, Marwan, and Juhi. Though three of them also have impotence problems so they were pressured by their wives Lela, the number and Tiwi. The only person who close with Japra is Bini (Mita The Virgin) which has the problem of identity crisis. She feels that she is a man who trapped in a woman's body. But in her heart she secretly loved Japra.

The story began when Japra acquainted with Srimpi (Dara The Virgin), a beautiful girl. And they fell in love. Srimpi became the idol of the Kampung Pasir. This of course make angered the wives in kampung pasir.

With Lela's insistence, she managed to persuade Japra to marry Srimpi. At the time of marriage was held, the husband's turn to embarrass Japra by making Srimpi realize how small Japra's Genital is. Feel embarrassed, Japra chose to leave the village and Srimpi. Bini who is Jealous exploit this situation to make the relationship becomes tenuous between Srimpi and Japra.

Japra meet Aheng who can make his genitals to become super duper big. Finally he dared to return home to win the hearts Srimpi back. But his return would lead to trouble. He became the idol of the wife and this make Srimpi jealous.

Would Japra win Srimpi love back? Will Japra achieve his goal to become a groom?

Producer: Gope T. Samtani, Subagio S
Director: Rako Prajitno
Writer(s): Raditya
Cast: Amink, Dara the Virgin, Mita the Virgin, Gary Iskak, Marwoto, Daus 'ob'

Release Date: November 25, 2010
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Rapi films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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