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Rony Danuatmaja bear the sacrifice his driver - joko to have death penalty for the sake of family honor and a big name Danuatmaja. On the fateful day, Joko was asked by Alaric, Rony eldest son to take orders at the house of one of his best friend. Without knowing it turns out the package contains 5 grams of cocaine that ultimately lead Alaric to death because of overdose. Rony's common sense knows that Joko does not know anything in that case but the dark side in him choosing to sacrifice Joko. Sukatmini, Joko's mother and his brother, Sulis and Jiman who pleaded not make Rony change his mind.

Alaric's death overthrow all hope of  Danuatmaja family emperium which has long pioneered. Disappointment mixed with anger toward the situation it faced bring him to his dark side. Sulis the day it intends to ask for Rony commute from his brother, become an invingement. Rony rape Sulis in his office. No one knows the tragedy unless Jiman.

After the death of Joko, Sulis and Jiman flee from the house and returned to the village. Joko Death added with Rony's savageness  has devastated the family. Feeling dirty finally Sulis commits suicide. The death of two children makes Sukatmini shaken and finally not able to survive and died in her grief. Jiman's stay alone because of the cruelty of a man who once respected. Jiman hearts filled with revenge. He also develop a plan of revenge.

This is where the story begins, when a 15-year-old boy named Jiman, feel his life and the family had been destroyed, now is the time collect his penance. All happen when Roni Danuatmaja and families was vacationing in a villa a fairly remote.

Producer: Sarjono Sutrisno, Harris Nizam
Director: Muhammad Yusuf
Writer(s): Beby Hasibuan
Cast: Tio Pakusadewo, Chintami Atmanagara, Revaldo, Sheila Marcia, Jajang C. Noor, Preddi Prahman

Release Date: March 31, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Skylar Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Thriller
Rating: Not Available
Length: 100 min


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