Pocong Ngesot

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Pocong Ngesot

Asep (23), a naive but over-confident village boy, challenged to find a decent job, to marry his beloved sweetheart, Lilis (22). Since Lilis' father, Abah Dading (50), never agree the only daughter  has a love relationship with Asep because his job is only plowing others rice field and become a cow sheppard. Abah Dading want Lilis married with a college guy that he believe has a bright future.

For the sake of proving himself able to become successful and wealthy, Asep decided to go to the big city. Arriving in the city, Asep living in rented house with Kubil, Bonar, and Wanda. Asep was enthusiast by submitting job applications to various companies armed with his high school diploma. Asep is begin to confused and desperate, moreover Asep get information that abahnya have found rich guy for Lilis to become her life companion. Lilis urged asep to quickly get a decent job. BecauseLilis has made an agreement with her father that if within 3 months Asep has not got a job, she willing to let go Asep.

Bonar and Kubil tell Asep to consult with a shaman. The shamans suggested Asep isolate himself in a tree (banyan tree) which is believed sacred. Shamans also gives mantra that must be read during Isolation in trembesi sacred tree. Shamans are also reminded that the offerings which must be brought should be completed without less.

After doing the isolation in trembesi sacred tree, a ridiculous and strange happenings disrupt Asep. Somehow, Asep often saw the appearance of pocong ngesot. Not only Asep pocong ngesot also disturbed Kubil, Bonar, Wanda, Devina and Pretty. The chaos was inevitable. The job that is expected to get by Asep after doing isolation in the trembesi tree was didn't come. In fact, Asep now  merely unlucky. Then, each coming to a company willing to get a job, Asep evicted without cause.

Asep was regret doing isolation in trembesi sacred tree. Lilis's face also seemed to fade from his mind. All because Asep fear of losing her love. Intend to get a good fortune, instead of coming disaster. Asep and his friends were thinking of ways to be free from interference pocong ngesot, tuyul, and Wewe Gombel. Did they?

Producer: Gope T. Samtani, Subagio S.
Director: Nayato
Writer(s): Erry Sofid
Cast: Fero Walandouw, Aziz Gagap, Rozie Mahally, Keira Shabira, Leylarey Lesesne

Release Date: February 24, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Rapi Films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 100 min


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