Kuntilanak Kesurupan

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Kuntilanak Kesurupan

Wesley Jabrik, Kevin and Momon nganga was a close friend. At one time Wesley was assigned to make a horror novel. But he was having trouble, Momon nganga his closest friend offers Wesley to write a biography of a famous artist named Indra Devian and get paid with a high fee. Because of the temptation he accept the offer and the horror novel is delayed.
Since he started working on a biography of Indra Devian, strange things are even come and go. It is a kuntilanak that always interfere Wesley.

Kuntilanak more incentive to manifest themselves. Wesley are becomingly confused because the other friends and Gizka and Dylla also disturb by the kuntilanak. Her sister Alice and his assistant, Maya Olong was disturb by the kuntilanak. Something Happened but why?
Who actually kuntilanak is? And why did she asks Wesley to stop his work to write a biography of Indra Devian?

Producer: Gope T. Samtani
Director: Nayato
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Guntur Triyoga, Fero Walandouw, Irish Bella, Reymond Knuliq, Yessa Lona, Sazha Clarissa, Aziz Gagap, Violenzia Jeanette, Evhi Yuliani, Julia Perez

Release Date: March 14, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: PT. Rapi Films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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