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Three bus passengers depart from Singapore to KL for the purpose of attending family reunion dinner during the eve of Chinese New Year. Karen Neo (Jack Neo) and his son Ah Meng (Tan Kheng Seong) share the same seat in the bus, with Mindy (Koe Yeet) sitting beside them.

Mindy leaves behind his father, Chef Daniel Koh (Mark Lee) who is busy preparing reunion dinner for Minister of Culture (Sebastian Sim) and his family. She hopes to have reunion dinner with her divorced mother, Mimi (Peona Lee) after her father could not spend more time with her due to his tight kitchen schedule.

Chef Daniel is being assisted by the restaurant manager, Fong Fei Fei (Jacelyn Tay), and due to his demanding and arrogant attitude, all his kitchen staffs leave him behind. He immediately orders Fei Fei to find staff replacements and luckily her mother (Lin Ru Ping), and group of relatives manage to come for rescue.

Meanwhile, the bus driver (Fadhlur Rahman) feels dizzy after receiving a bump on his head, delaying their journey home. The trio decide to use the service of taxi driven by Zool (Afdlin Shauki) to bring them to KL. Zool is also expecting his first child at the same time.

At Karen’s family home in KL her newly married nephew Boon (Huang Wen Hong) and his wife Jamie (Rebecca Lim), has plans to go to Bali for a holiday after the reunion dinner. This would be the first time Jamie having reunion dinner during Chinese New Year's eve.

Her family will go travelling during Chinese New Year and not used to the traditional style of reunion dinner. Soon she experiences difficulties while peeling the prawns in the kitchen as instructed by her mother-in-law (Liu Ling Ling) and falls down on the slippery kitchen floor, spoiling the family's secret sauce instantly.

Boon informs his father (Zhang Wei) they will fly to Bali after the reunion dinner. The couple obtain the free tickets at a company dinner earlier. However, the reunion dinner has to be delayed as his auntie Karen has not arrived yet, and she also brings along yee sang from Singapore with the dinner cannot start until she arrives.

Can Mindy, Karen and Ah Meng arrive on time to have dinner reunion with their respective families? Will Chef Daniel serve the dinner for the Minister of Culture on time? Can Zool's wife (Siti Chubby) make it to hospital on time to deliver their first ever child? Will Boon and Jamie proceed to the airport after the reunion dinner?

Director: Lee Thean Jeen
Writer(s): Robin
Cast: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Afdlin Shauki, Tan Kheng Seong, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wen Hong, Rebecca Lim, Liu Ling Ling, Koe Yeet, Lin Ru Ping, Zhang Wei, Fadhlur Rahman, Siti Chubby, Sebastian Sim, Peona Lee

Release Date: February 3, 2011
Country: Singapore, Malaysia
Distributor: Homerun Asia, Double Vision, J Team Productions, SIMF Management, Woosh Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 93 mins


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