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Conan (Vhong Navarro) is working as a male nurse at a hospital in Bulacan. He is in love with Ellen (Bangs Garcia), who is his colleague and also a female nurse. The problem is Ellen does not have feeling for him as she is more interested with Dr. Randy (Jon Avila).

He tries to win back her heart by giving her freshly baked ensaymadas from Aunt Tyra's (Joy Viado) bakery shop but she passes it to her colleagues as she wants to keep fit and only eat one by herself.

His cousin Simon (Ruben Gonzaga) advises him to whisper his love wish to the dead in order to make Ellen his lover. According to him when one whispers to the dead, the spirit will hear the wish and it will act as a genie and fulfill one's request effectively. He followed his advice and tried once but with no positive result.

One day while working Conan meets Oprah (Angelica Panganiban), an old friend, who is a hairdresser during the day and converts her shop to a bar at night that serves local and Western cuisine.

One night after heavy drinking session at Oprah's bar he whispers his wish to an old woman, Lola Paula (Angie Ferro), who just got knocked down by a car. His love dream come true afterwards, with Ellen starting to like and seduce him, not knowing that Paula's dead spirit start to follow and haunt him.

Things start to worsen till he need to seek Madam Kara's (Carme Sanchez) help, who is also Oprah's aunt. Madam Kara then reveals that Conan had whispered to a witch previously, and she unknowingly casted a spell on her own grandchild called Lala (Neri Naig).

Lola Paula then realized she had made a big mistake and decided to leave the world of witchcraft for good but failed to remove the spell on Lala's body. Instead, she starts to haunt on Conan as she wants him to take over her duty to remove the spell as she is already dead.

As a result of the spell Lala suffers from skin disease and her newborn baby will not be born alive. Fatima (Eda Nolan), the person who requested the spell to be casted against Lala as she wanted to take revenge for snatching her lover are also found dead.

According to Madam Kara the soul of a witch is owned by the devil. And when someone seek the witch's help their soul are already being hostaged by the devil itself. And to stop the spell from affecting everyone they need to defeat the devil before more people dies.

The trio then go to seek Lala's address from Fatima's mother (Mosang) in order to stop whatever curse that may happen to her in the future. Conan and Oprah then start a journey to Bohol for the purpose of breaking the spell. They bring along a bottle of holy water and one broken finger taken from Lola Paula's body with them.

After a long journey they manage to locate Lala's home. The devil soon appears and tries to strangle Conan as Lala is about to give birth. Oprah adds the broken finger that had turned into powder with the last few drops of the holy water.

She pours it into Lala's mouth, she drinks it and recovers from skin disease and a baby boy is born alive. The devil vanishes and the spell is removed. At the hospital Ellen announces that she will be resigning and leaving to Dubai the following month.

The movie ends with both Conan and Oprah walking around in Manila at night with Conan proposing to Oprah with a ring. Then Lola Paula shows up suddenly and both run away.

Director: Chito S. Rono
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Vhong Navarro, Angelica Panganiban, Angie Ferro, Bangs Garcia, Teddy Corpuz, Jon Avila, Eda Nolan, Ruben Gonzaga, Carme Sanchez, Mosang, Joy Viado, Mel Kimura, Gian Terry, Melanie Dujunco, Ku Aquino, Sylvia Sanchez, Neri Naig, Lara Morena

Release Date: February 2, 2011
Country: Philippines
Distributor: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Star Cinema Productions
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 105 mins


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