Buddha Mountain

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Buddha Mountain

Nan Feng (Fan Bing Bing) is a rock singer and together she with Ding Bo (Chen Bo Lin) and Fatso (Fei Long) rent a house in Chengdu. They failed to get into university and are best of friends.

One day they receive news their rental house will be demolished and decide to move a new home that belong to Chang Yue Qin (Sylvia Chang), who is a widow and retired Chinese opera singer. She had lost her only child and son in a road accident.

She smokes regularly, in order to kill her loneliness and the ugly past. One day her deceased son's girlfriend, Lin Yue (Jin Jing) returns to celebrate his birthday even after his death and brings along a birthday cake.

This unexpected visit by Lin Yue makes Yue Qin more sad as she too cannot forget his son's death and still keep his damaged car inside the garage.

Ding Bo works as illegal motorcycle courier and often goes clubbing during the night with Fatso and Nan Feng. His father (Fang Li) will get married to a new young wife (Liu Jie).

Meanwhile, Nan Feng's father (Wang Guo Yu) is an alcoholic and often beat her mother (Shi Min Fang).

While singing on stage Nan Feng lands into trouble when she accidentally hits a VIP customer's (Yuan Ze) crotch with a microphone and is required to pay compensation as requested by the bar owner (Li Di).

As they have no money, they decide to take money from Yue Qin's room without her knowledge and permission. They substitute the money they have taken with fake cash and decide to return the fake money with real cash once they received their salaries.

The trio make a trip to countryside and visit an abandoned and badly damaged Guan Yin Buddha Temple located on the hill. They decide to rebuild it together with the monk (Bao Zhen Jiang).

As Yue Qin struggles to recover from his son's death, she tries to take away her own life by injuring her wrist with a knife. The friends manage to take her to hospital on time and save her life. They also help to get his son's car to be fixed and visit the damaged building after the Wenchuan Earthquake.

One night while dancing at disco Nan Feng witnesses Ding Bo having fun with another girl (Xiang Xue) and she leaves immediately. Fatso manages to console her, who is in love with Ding Bo but could not express it out.

Soon it is revealed Ding Bo has one abusive and alcoholic father and both of them decide to end their life on the railway track by the incoming train. Fatso manages to appear just in time and save their lives.

After successfully building the temple into its original condition, Yue Qin struggles to understand impermanence when she lost both of her husband and son.

The monk advises her to let go of the past completely if she wants to achieve absolute happiness as part of Buddhism practice. According to the monk when one doesn't feel life or death, it offers the best future.

She decides to walk to the top of the hill and later is nowhere to be seen. The friends then leave the place with a train.

Director: Li Yu
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Fan Bing Bing, Chen Bo Lin, Fei Long, Sylvia Chang, Bao Zhen, Jiang, Jin Jing, Fang Li, Liu Jie, Wang Guo Yu, Shi Min Fang, Yuan Ze, Li Di, Xiang Xue

Release Date: March 4, 2011
Country: China
Distributor: Laurel Films, Huaxing Real Estate
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 105 mins


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