Pelet Kuntilanak

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Pelet Kuntilanak

Pamela obsessed beautify herselves by using magic in the form of "pelet" with a men pans as a tool. To have these "pelet", Pamela should have an alliance with the devil.
As with the devil agreement, the "pelet" asking for human lives. The satisfaction felt by the boys after having relationship with Pamela will lead to death. a cruelly Death. Ironically, Pamela did not know this. m0st of the pelet victims are Pamela's friends. BesidesPamela, is Tantri who also use pelet for revenge on the guys who raped her.

Pamela and Tanti involvement with pelet wan in the attention of Vega. Vega advised her friends to be careful, or if can they should release the mystical relationship with the pelet. But Pamela and Tantri ignore her. The problem started suddenly complicated by supernatural beings Pellet turns against them. Their life was no longer calm. Pamela even experienced terror like witchcraft. Similarly, Tantri, terrorize by a supernatural beings in horrible ways. Is Edwin, Pamela ex boyfriend, know that Pamela is terrorized by a supernatural being but Pamela did not believe it.
Meanwhile, Tantri is not bare facing terror by supernatural beings. He requested Vega assistance but she could not do anything. The problem is more complicated because Vega become involed in the situation. She suffered horrific things terrorize by a supernatural being.

What is next? Pellet doesn't give any chance even a second to those who worship. Death is an absolute price!

Gobind Punjabi
Director: Koya Pagayo
Writer(s): Herry B. Arissa
Cast: Debby Ayu, Cinta Dewi, Angie Yulia, Billy Davidson, Billy As, Yudha Putra

Release Date:
June 1, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Sentra Films
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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