The Mirror Never Lies

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The Mirror Never Lies

The beauty of Wakatobi sea and the Wakatobi Tribe, Bajo recorded and visualized through a drama movie about a little girl named Pakis (12) who tried to find the father who were lost in the Wakatobi ocean. Pakis do Bajo tribe ritual in which they believe by using mirrors, Pakis hope and kept waiting to see the shadow of his father on the mirror. However, what she expects has never been seen. her hope was destroyed by her own mother, Tayung, who tried to cover up the incident from the truth.

Her denial makes Tayung wear white powder on his face, a tradition in the Bajo tribe. While Pakis hope trying to be destroyed by her mother, but her hope still remains. Together with her ​​best friend, Lumo, Pakis continue to seek answers in the Wakatobi Sea.

Problems and conflicts with her ​​mother's increasingly complicated when tudo, a dolphin researcher came to their lives. These four characters and then interact with each other in everyday life and they also have different interpretation about the sea. However, they agreed that the sea helps them find their identity

Producer: WWF-Indonesia, Pemda Kabupaten Wakatobi, Asaf Antariksa, Anastasia Rina, Wiwid Setya, Gita Fara, Garin Nugroho, Nadine Chandrawinata
Director: Kamila Andini
Writer(s): Kamila Andini, Dirmawan Hatta
Cast: Atiqah Hasiholan, Reza Rahadian, Gita Lovalista, Eko, Zainal, Halwiyah, Darsono

Release Date: May 12, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Set Film, WWF Indonesia
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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