Marriage With A Liar

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Marriage With A Liar

Kiki (Chrissie Chau) receives vibrator and condom gifts from her friends, Cherryl (Jacquelin Ch'ng) and Mon (Charmaine Fong) before getting married. They wish her have good sex life with her police boyfriend Jerry (Him Law) after marriage.

They suggest to her having fun with few handsome guys before getting married. She meets Jack (Z.O.), a Taiwanese photographer on the same bar and spends the night with him without the knowledge of Jerry. The following day they say goodbye to each other but meet again later in a dinner.

Jack invites Kiki on a business trip to Macau and wants her to spend the final three days of her unmarried life with him. She agrees as she suspects Jack is fooling around with other girl from a phone call that was picked up by a girl. The girl turns out to be Bobo (Carol Yeung) who accidentally switched mobile phones with Jerry.

At one stage Kiki installed GPS secretly on Jerry's phone so she could spy on him and to check his exact location. Jerry is working with his colleagues, Keung (Timmy Hung) and Ted (King Kong) when she called to ask about his exact location. After checking with GPS she knows he was telling the truth.

While Kiki is away Jerry has chance to spend three days with Bobo with no strings attached before he gets married to Kiki. Eventually the marriage day arrives and both get married with their friends present in their wedding. After the wedding both take a lift and suddenly Bobo with her friend jump in.

Jerry, feeling shocked pretends of not knowing her and listen to both of their conversation with Kiki standing beside. She even reveals her new handphone number loudly inside the lift so that Jerry could hear it. Bobo takes a final glimpse at Jerry when she leaves.

Then Jack calls Kiki when Jerry goes to pick up the car and asks her to find him if she regrets her marriage. On the same night the newly wedded couple make love like long lost lovers.

Director: Patrick Kong
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Chrissie Chau, Him Law, Carol Yeung, Z.O., Jacquelin Ch'ng, Timmy Hung, Charmaine Fong, King Kong, Makbau Mak, Anjaylia Chan, Dada Lo, Chan Lai Wun

Release Date: December 23, 2010
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: Mega Vision Pictures Ltd.
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 85 mins


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