Hi, Fidelity

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Hi, Fidelity

Bill (William Chan), an inexperienced gigolo is trying his luck to work in a luxury gigolo club owned by Manba (Candice Yu On On). She agrees to give him a trial employment at her club for one month. She warns him not to do anything funny during that period or else he would not be employed.

Alice (Patricia Ha) is chairing a meeting of their local charity association when she sees the photo of his husband with a young girl. Feeling devastated she decides to head down to Shenzhen with three of her friends: Pinky (Carrie Ng), Josephine (Michelle Ye) and Sevon (Bonnie Xian). They plan to visit gigolo club as an act of revenge for their unfaithful husbands.

Upon reaching the club, Alice is interested with Bill during their first meeting but his man get courted by Pinky first. Feeling bored she leaves the club and soon Bill joins her for a drink. After returning to Hong Kong they decide to make a visit to the same club once again. Despite having another client Bill manages to spend the night with Alice.

Meanwhile, Josephine gets upset when she finds out his husband´s (Chapman To) buddy is working for Manba and she is worried he may disclose her personal secret at the club to his husband. For Pinky she has been advised by her driver Chiu (Shaun Tam) to stay at home for the sake of her son, Karpo (Buzz Chung).

However, she is extremely unhappy with her sex life and feels less feminine. At one stage Bill could not make it to sleep with Alice and his little brother called Ben (William Chan) takes over his place. Initially Alice rejects her and Ben forces her to have sex. Soon Ben falls for Alice and starts to be over-protective towards her.

Next it is a battle between Alice and Pinky as both are pursuing Bill at the same time. One night Chiu brings Karpo along to the club and both see Pinky having intimate moments with Bill. After Chiu leaves the place Pinky apologises to Karpo for being a bad mother. At the same time Pinky´s gay husband (Lawrence Cheng) shows up and make a chaotic scene at the club. He apologises to Pinky for neglecting her and family.

One evening Bill calls Josephine and need money desperately from her as he has lost his job at the club. She agrees to meet him at a secret location. Her husband soon finds out and follows from behind. Bill blames Josephine for messing his life with Alice and takes her life away with a knife.

Her husband manages to arrive on time and shoots Bill using a gun, instantly taking his life away. Inside a luxury yacht Alice´s husband (George Lam) confesses of her cheating and seeks forgiveness from her. He too knows she is cheating behind him and feels shocked to find his wife was a lesbian partner with Josephine and announces their relationship is over.

On the final scene after one year Pinky and her husband are sharing one bed as usual at their own home, with Karpo joining to sleep with them. Alice is doing gardening outside and later gets reunited with Ben.

Director: Calvin Poon
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Patricia Ha, Michelle Ye, Carrie Ng, William Chan, Bonnie Xian, Shaun Tam, Buzz Chung, George Lam, Chapman To, Lawrence Cheng, Candice Yu On On

Release Date: March 24, 2011
Country: Hong Kong
Distributor: IMJ Entertainment, Studio Blue Co., Studio Swan, TK Digital
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 91 mins


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