Eternal Moment

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Eternal Moment

Part One. Yang Zheng (Li Ya Peng) gets married to his long time girlfriend Wen Hui (Xu Jing Lei) in 2003. After getting married Yang Zheng becomes a CEO, while Wen Hui becomes a full-time housewife. One evening after arriving home from work, he discovers the house are filled with Wen Hui´s friends having party. He could not watch his favorite sports program at his own home and has to sleep at a hotel opposite his apartment. He realizes Wen Hui is no longer looking for him.

Part Two. Wen Hui is divorced with two sons and working as a shopgirl in Shanghai. Yang Zheng is working as car mechanic and is about to be divorced in Beijing. Both meet again when they attend 10th anniversary college reunion in Shanghai. They end up spending a whole night together, recalling past memories. They get caught by police as they suspect Yang Zheng is bringing a prostitute into the hotel room. After a session of question and answer with the police they got released.

Part Three. Yang Zheng receives a birthday greetings call from Wen Hui, who lives in Bordeaux. He flies over from China just to have reunion with her after so many years. They meet in Bordeaux train station and she introduces him to Chu Chu (He Jie). Wen Hui is married to Pan Xiao (Chapman To), who is involved in a wine business in Bordeaux. Wen Hui brings them for a tour around the historic buildings in Bordeaux. Later Pan Xiao appears and the three have red wine together.

Director: Zhang Yi Bai
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Xu Jing Lei, Li Ya Peng, Chapman To, He Jie, Wang Xue Bing, Cheng Yi, Cui Da Zhi, Yue Xiao Jun, Feng Li, Ning Hao, Xu Dong Dong

Release Date: February 12, 2011
Country: China
Distributor: Le Grand Films, Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production, Beijing Century Spring Media
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Rating: Not Available
Length: 103 mins


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