Ada Apa Dengan Pocong

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Ada Apa Dengan Pocong

One night Wawan was terrorized by Pocong in his boarding house. Then Hary, Boy and Tedi experienced the same thing, even then Tedi was hit by a car, when he terrified pursued  by pocong so Tedi should be treated in hospital.
The next day, Hary and Wawan came to a famous Shaman to ask for protection. But it turns out, a dagger that given by the Shaman to protect Wawan and Hary not make Pocong stop to chasing them.

The accident that Tedi and Hary had was making Wawan and the Boy getting terrified. But they can not avoid the revenge of Pocong. The next night, wawan the one that got an accident with his car, because Pocong continue to terorize him. Boy is panicking, so he finally admitted they fault to Ririn and Mirna, his boarding house friends. Apparently, Hary and friends made a mistake, that had accidentally killed a girl named Lastri.
It was all about Wawan scenario to match Hary with Lastri, his college friend. Wawan and Boy invites Lastri to come home by his car. In the their way home, Wawan´s car having problem but it´s only their scenario.
Wawan offers to Lastri to go home with Hary. He even guarantees Lastri would be fine with Hary, because Hary is his best friend. In fact, the purpose of Wawan offers Lastri come with was in order to make Hari can be close to Lastri.
Lastri knew it. She was offended to be treated as such by Wawan. Lastri got angry, then left Wawan and Hari.
Wawan tried to chase Lastri, and Lastri ran. Suddenly Lastri was tripped over a stone and fell. Immediately Lastri lying unconscious. In fact, having checked his pulse, turns out that Lastri has died. Wawan and Hari panic. They blame each other.
That night they keep lastri bodies in the warehouse. But for fear that the corpse will decompose smelled by people, the next day they decided to bury the Lastri´s corpse - by wearing a shroud - is feasible in an empty lot. Lastri was curious, and finally Pocong "chasing" them all.

Producer: Hm. Firman Bintang
Director: Chiska Doppert
Writer(s): Ule Sulaeman
Cast: Zaky Zimah, Joanna Alexandra, Dallas Pratama, H Bolot, Mpok Atiek, Raymond

Release Date: June 23, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Mitra Pictures, Co Bic Production
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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