Milli & Nathan

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Milli & Nathan

Milli and Nathan liked each other since high school in Bandung. Nathan used to help Milli in her study, Milli with all the humor can dilute Nathan. They were dating. Until high school, Nathan went into his dream university in Jakarta. Milli stays in Bandung. Nathan broke up with Milli because he wanted to concentrate on his studies. Milli otherwise, does not like college, Milli want to be a novelist. They still miss each other. Until Milli finally really quit college and write books.

In her visit to Jakarta, Milli met with Nathan again. They met each other just like a lover. Milli went home to Bandung and believe that they are going together again. And Nathan did not think so. Milli disappointed. Launching his first novel, Milli has been accompanied by new boyfriend. Nathan came back and expressed regret, ask Milli back to being his girlfriend again. Milli was angry, Nathan was easily come and go in her life. Milli reject Nathan will to become her boyfriend again.

Nathan returned to Jakarta and managed to graduate. Milli is busy again with her second novels. Milli and then broke up with her boyfriend. Nathan returned to Bandung. They are together again, remain in obscurity of a commitment. Until Nathan gave the news that he will marry with another woman and will move to Jakarta. Milli shocked, disappointed and angry.

Life continues. Milli remove Nathan from her life. Until finally Milli know that Nathan never really left her.

Producer: Frederica
Director: Hanny R. Saputra
Writer(s): Titien Wattimena
Cast: Olivia Jensen Lubis, Chris Laurent, Sabai Morscheck, Chaca Rasidy Ariefiansyah, Fendy Chow, Frans L. Tumbuan, Minati Atmanagara, Him Damsyik

Release Date: June 23, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Falcon Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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