The Tarix Jabrix 3

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The Tarix Jabrix 3

The Tarix Jabrix get the biggest challenges in their lives. After failing to be a hero when saving an orphanage from a fire, Cacing (Tria Changcut) who works at an insurance company asked by his superiors to negotiate with their old enemy, ROAD DEVILS, a motorcycle gang not to make a riot again in Bandung who already make a lot of casualties, and unpaid claims insurance that has accumulated. Cacing directly undertakes, and his companions, Dadang (Erick Changcut), Mulder (Dipa Changcut), Ciko (Alda Changcut) and Coki (Qibil Changcut) come with Cacing back to Bandung. Mulder who is a deputy director at his father´s company, decided to resign because he felt his father is cooperating with foreigners to exploit Indonesia.

But when The Tarix Jabrix went back to Bandung, they didn´t use their motorcycle but use the company´s car and they had been paralyzed by the Road Devils which now has a new general, a fierce and tough girl named Melly (Olivia Jensen). Not only negotiations money that they took, but the company car was damaged, and most worst thing to Cacing that his favorite jacket was also confiscated by Melly since he lose the race.
Cacing was embarrass, emotions increased when it turns out that his Mother also attacked by Road Devils. The Tarix Jabrix declare war with the Road Devils, assisted by BAROKAH (Eddi Broccoli), a Road Devils former general who wants to overthrow Melly. The Tarix Jabrix made a pact with the Road Devils, they want to hold the race again. Motorcycle gang who lose, must be dissolved. Melly agreed. The Tarix Jabrix was practicing with Admiral Roda Gila (Budi Dalton) in order to beat Melly and the Road Devils.

Dadang meets with Mayang (Kamidia Radisti) who also Admiral Roda Gila´s Student. Dada was flowery, thought to have a chance to declare his love to Mayang. However Mayang keep a secret. Meanwhile, Barokah has an idea, Cacing must try to find Melly´s weaknesses by pretend to "PDKT". But in fact that the intention to becomes a secret agent, Cacing is falling in love Melly. Mulder who ran away from home, trying to be persuaded by his father to return. But Mulder refused. That the Tarix Jabrix and Road Devils gang do not know is ... a great disaster is waiting for them.
Who can win the race? The Tarix Jabrix or Road Devils? Can Cacing and Melly be togheter?

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia
Director: Iqbal Rais
Writer(s): Cassandra Massardi
Cast: Tria Changcut, Dipa Changcut, Alda Changcut, Qibil Changcut, Erick Changcut, Olivia Jensen, Kamidia Radisti, Joe P Project, Ingrid Widjanarko, Candil

Release Date: June 16, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: PT. Kharisma Starvision Plus
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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