Hati Merdeka

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Hati Merdeka

With a background of dark periods of revolution in early 1948, HATI MERDEKA following the journey of cadet group that later became an elite guerrilla forces after the incident mass murder of cadet candidates soldiers in 1947 (a story based on a true story about a war that resulted in the killing of two uncles Hashim on Lengkong events in 1946). Nicely played by all the young Indonesian film star (Donny Alam, nominated as Best Actor for MERAH PUTIH at Bandung Film Festival 2010, T. Rifnu Wikana and Lukman Sardi, nominated as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for DARAH GARUDA recently in Indonesian Movie Awards, together with Aldy Zulfikar as Best New comer play as a small soldier named Budi), Rahayu Saraswati, winner of Best Actress at the Bali International Film Festival 2009 for the MERAH PUTIH and Darius Sinathrya who has the biggest role in this movie.

After completing the mission that ended tragically with the loss of a member of this group, this group re-tested loyalty of the resignations of their leaders, Amir (Lukman Sardi) from the Army. Without a leader, and with grief for losing their afflicted, the cadets took their revenge on their mission trip to Bali where the mute Dayan (T. Rifnu Wikana) live, to get revenge on the Dutch. They were sent to Bali to kill Colonel Raymer (Michael Bell, a talented actor from England who died last April), which had killed Thomas family (Donna Alam) at the beginning of this trilogy. Thomas has been elected as new leader of this group of cadets. Facing the Dutch warship cannons, Marius who is a playboy and drinker (Darius Sinathrya) must overcome his fear because of his rivalry with Thomas to compete for Senja, a blue-blooded girl (Rahayu Saraswati).
Arriving in Bali, this group of cadets save Dayu (new cast Ranggani Puspandya) from the cruelty of Colonel Raymer Colonial Army militia groups, but one of a group of cadets was nearly killed. When their friend is struggling between life and death, this cadet group met with leaders of the underground rebel, Wayan Suta (Nugie). Thomas clashed with their former leader, Amir (Lukman Sardi) when they plan the final offensive against the Raymer´s militian. Which raises the question: To what extent this revolution can destroy evil and still maintain their idealism?

Producer: Conor Allyn
Director: Yadi Sugandi, Conor Allyn
Writer(s): Conor Allyn, Rob Allyn
Cast: Darius Sinathrya, T. Rifnu Wikana, Lukman Sardi, Donny Alamsyah, Rahayu Saraswati, Nugie, Ranggani Puspandya, Astri Nurdin, Michael Bell

Release Date: June 9, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Media Desa Indonesia, Margate House Film
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: War
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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