Tumbal Jailangkung

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Tumbal Jailangkung

Starting from the fad of a young man named Raka, who invites three of her friends, Harly, Roni and Agnes, to travel to the village of Angker Batu. On the way they experienced some strange occurrences, but they still continue the journey. Eventually evil was come upon them by the emergence of supernatural beings who slaughter them one by one, except Raka who escaped from death.

30 years later ....

Linda, a student really depressed because she knows Richard do not really love her, but only made ​​her the object of a bet with his friends, Galang and Hanung. Richard even insult her by offering her some money. Linda told her friend Vena, Vena was angry with Richard and his friends but Richard was threat to kill Vena if she uncovered what he did.

Linda became depressed when she found her self was pregnant. Linda sought an abortion, even tried to commit suicide. Vena then took Linda to calm down at the villa owned by Ivan, cousin of Vena.

Inadvertently Linda found a Jailangkung. Linda Jailangkung then try to play it. Since it often appears strange happenings in the villa. Mbah Jabrik, a man with supernatural powers, appeared repeatedly and tried to warn Linda, but Linda did not listen.

Meanwhile, Richard and his friends try covering their depraved acts against Linda and her boyfriend who had just come from abroad. Until one day an accident happened to Galang also Hanung also experienced the terror of supernatural creatures so do with Richard often experience strange happenings.

How is the situation now Raka, who formerly had escaped from death? How the fate of Richard and his friends? What will happen to Linda, Ivan and Vena?

Producer: Lucki Lukman Hakim
Director: Chiska Doppert
Writer(s): Aurellia
Cast: Soraya Larasati, Denny Weller, Violenzia Jeanette, Rocky Jeff, Tasa Rudman, Jerry Likumahwa, Romeo Sianipar, Anna Stepanova Jasmine, Nadedja Kovba

Release Date:
July 14, 2011
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Batavia Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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