KL Gangster

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KL Gangster

Malek (Aaron Aziz) and Jai (Ady Putra) are siblings and got involved in gangsterism. Malek is an ex-convict and was imprisoned for 5 years after being betrayed by his own gang member called Shark (Syamsul Yusof). Shark is a step son to King (Ridzuan Hashim), leader of the most influential secret societies in KL.

Malek wants to start a new life after his release from prison and King offers to help him out. Meanwhile, Jai leads a luxurious life and will do anything for money and power. Jai works for Shark and his boss feels threatened with the emergence of Malek. Shark wants to bring Malek down but always end in failure.

Furthermore King always defend Malek and regard him as a friend. As a result of this Shark has no choice but to instruct Jai to get rid of his brother. Soon conflict begin to occur among the siblings which also involve family and gang loyalty. Now they have to choose either life or dignity in a fiery battle...

Director: Syamsul Yusof
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Syamsul Yusof, Ridzuan Hashim, Aaron Aziz, Ady Putra, Zizan Raja Lawak, Sheera, Shoffi Jikan, Adam Corrie, Zul Huzaimy, Wan Maimunah

Release Date: June 9, 2011
Country: Malaysia
Distributor: Skop Production Sdn. Bhd.
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action
Rating: Not Available
Length: 81 mins


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